Now that you are here: This is a short version of me. 

Cem, born *82 in Ankara, is a German-Turkish director, writer and producer. He has a masters degree in Theatre-, Film- and Television as well as English literature and politics from the University of Cologne. He has been working as a director and producer of commercials and international campaigns with his own digital agency CLOCKKNOCK GmbH along with a great international network of creatives for over ten years. 

Since 2019 he has been establishing his role as a producer of fictional and non-fictional Films with his newly founded Film Production Company Exosolar Films based in Berlin and received a scholarship from Entertainment Masterclass to attend Content London 2019. 

His goal is to produce brave and bold Films that have relevance and to work very selectively with fearless international writers and directors to support their approach to create demanding, engaging and entertaining Films.

Cem received a couple of scholarships, e.g. from Social Impact Labs or from Mediengründerzentrum NRW and has been actively engaged in the support of the Turkish diaspora and was invited as a speaker to the European Union Cultural and media relations with Turkey. 

Founder & Founding Partner


With his boutique digital agency CLOCKKNOCK GmbH in Cologne, Cem produces moving images for branded campaigns, advertising, cinema & TV and develops digital strategies for innovative, interactive concepts.


EXOSOLAR FILMS based in Berlin produces films that matter. They must be brave, fearless and relevant. Operating from Berlin as an Independent Film Production & Distribution Company and 100% subsidiary of CLOCKKNOCK GmbH the company is developing and producing fiction, non-fiction and innovative Series with a recognizable vision.


Off-Media: As the co-founder of ECO CENTAURI A.S. and together with an highly experienced and skilled team of geologists and scientists the company is tackling global greenhouse gas to shape a green future. Currently the company is focused on projects of CO₂ capture & storage.