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Hi there. This is Cem. →

Founder & Creative Producer at CLOCKKNOCK GmbH

I work as a multidisciplinary Creative Producer, Writer/Director, and Founder based in Cologne & Berlin, uniquely positioned at the intersection of creativity, storytelling, and technology.

Hi there. I'm Cem, an multidisciplinary Director, Creative Producer, and Founder based in Berlin, uniquely positioned at the intersection of creativity, storytelling, and technology.

Founder & Creative Director @ CLOCKKNOCK GmbH,
and Creative Producer @ EXOSOLAR FILMS.





Dieter Rams

Is the MetaVerse

still happening?!

The Metaverse is wonderfully chaotic, wouldn't you say? A veritable cornucopia of blockchains, an abundance of tokens, smart contracts as far as the eye can see, and a youthful meme language that's simply out of control. Oh, and did I mention? You genuinely need a wallet to join this merry game. But before the panic starts to set in, just as you're about to throw in the digital towel, here's some good news: we've got your back! We're here to navigate you through this dense thicket of information. Consider myself and my team your trusty compass in this wild jungle that is the Metaverse. And one last thing, do us a favor, never call it Metaverse.

Liebe, Geld und Ruhm,

- alles für die Wahrheit.

In the gripping cyber-thriller series '[[Women Hackers Club]]', [[Leyla]], a brilliant hacker with an unshakeable penchant for justice, joins forces with a collective of like-minded women as the [[Women Hackers Club]] to take on the '[[Alliance]]', a merciless underground organization. This organization plans to radically change the power structure in Germany with the help of state-of-the-art AI technology, disinformation campaigns and election manipulation. The focus is on a mysterious data leak whose hidden secrets threaten to tip the fate of the nation and could permanently shake the lives and loyalties of our heroines. The [[Women Hackers Club]] is more than just a team - it's the last line of defense between freedom and impending tyranny.


Hi. I'm Cem, an interdisciplinary Director, Creative Producer & Founder from Berlin, mostly working in the intersection of creativity, storytelling, and technology.

Founder & Creative Director at CLOCKKNOCK GmbH,
and Director at Film Production Company EXOSOLAR FILMS.

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My DNA consists of Creative Leadership, 
Strategic Focus and Systems Thinking,
TL;DR: Passionate about blending creativity with technology in video production and digital storytelling. Let's discuss over coffee—decaf preferred.

I'm Cem, thriving at the intersection of creativity and technology. My journey encompasses over 400 video productions and campaigns, each one an opportunity to refine my skill set and deepen my understanding of the complete production workflow. Always striving to add that incremental 1% of excellence. I've been able to craft narratives that resonate meaningfully with target audiences. Trust the process - yes, it can be exhausting, but the drive comes from a place of intrinsic value and the satisfaction of impactful storytelling. At my creative studio, CLOCKKNOCK GmbH, we've centered our efforts on digital storytelling through video, allowing us to scale teams and delve deeply into various operations, especially the intricate demands of post-production.

This comprehensive hands-on experience has enabled us to develop strategies and narratives that reverberate across diverse audiences, emphasizing that the power of storytelling transcends platforms. My brief foray into Germany's first NFT Launchpad taught me valuable lessons about communicating value in a saturated market, affirming my belief in the potential of blockchain technology for fostering a democratic, participatory creator economy. This experience, though minimal, informs our approach to offering brands and NGOs a gentle introduction to the possibilities within web3. Our adoption of AI into our workflows, through story optimization tools and audio transcription frameworks, has revolutionized our processes, positioning CLOCKKNOCK as a guide for business leaders in navigating their AI strategy.

Personally, I'm a child of migrants, leaving Turkey at four in the aftermath of the 1980s Military Junta had a profound effect on my life. Belonging, identity and migration itself have been topics I have written about. Even more, I am a proud recipient of some scholarships including Social Impact Lab from SAP, Mediengründerzentrum as an entrepreneur, or Neuköllner Oper as a writer. I am an active supporter of the Turkish diaspora. I spoke at EU cultural and media events related to Turkey in 2018 and have shared insights on content production, AI, Web3, digital empowerment, and ownership at various industry events, most recently at Blockchance in Hamburg. As the media landscape continues to evolve, with digital identity emerging as a significant challenge, I'm all in — constantly adapting, learning, and pushing boundaries.

My commitment goes beyond keeping pace; it's about setting the tempo for narratives that not only engage but resonate deeply in this dynamic digital era. If this resonates with you, let's explore how we can collaborate. Let's talk.


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