Director, Creative Producer & Founder.

Welcome, fren.

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Hello, fren.


Cem is an interdisciplinary Director, Creative Producer & Founder from Berlin.

Founder & Director of creative studio CLOCKKNOCK GmbH,
Producer of(Non-)Fiction Films via Berlin-based EXOSOLAR FILMS,
Producer & Author of the WOMEN HACKERS CLUB,

Host of Germany's first NFT & Web3 Podcast NFT MANIA.
Frequent Contributor to industry events and conference speaker
on Content Production, Web3, Digital Empowerment & Ownership.

Directors Reel 2022
Cem's journey IS IN the digital Realm
Cem is a well-rounded interdisciplinary director & creative professional with a wealth of experience in the media industry. With a masters degree in theatre, film, television, English literature and politics, he has an extensive knowledge of the entire pipeline of digital content, blockchain applications and film production.

Together with a highly talented team, in his digital agency, CLOCKKNOCK GmbH, and film production company, EXOSOLAR FILMS, he has worked on over 400 video productions as a director, creative producer, editor and advisor for institutions, non-profit organizations, and pioneering brands.

Additionally, Cem received multiple scholarships, e.g. from Social Impact Labs or from Mediengründerzentrum NRW and has been actively engaged in the support of the Turkish diaspora and was invited as a speaker to the European Union Cultural and media relations with Turkey. He is a member of the German Green Party and is working as a Soccer Coach in a Berlin amateur league.


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